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HUMMER H1 Steel Ladder For AM General Square Tube Steel 3’, 6’, & 9’ Steel Roof Racks.
Cushioned ‘feet’ rest on the rear bumper for rear access and on the rear tire for side access.
HUMMER H1 Wagon Cargo Bed Fuel, Water, & Storage Box.
This "cargo box" contains three partitions. The center one is a slide out drawer for tools & equipment. The two side areas can be used for fuel or water or both, using bladder cells.
Billet CTIS Protectors SET.
This is a new full set of CTIS Protectors at a great price. Hardware is included.
H1 Center Console Tan.
This is a brand new Tan Center Console at a low price. Originally $1900!
Hummer H1/Hummwv Underbody Protection Kit.
This is a brand new "Crated" Hummer H1/Hmmwv underbody protection kit. Up for a great price!
New AM General 6FT Steel Roof Rack.
This 6ft AM General steel roof rack would be a great addition on any 4 door H1 Hummer. Available for a great price! p/n 5743213
New Driver Side Mirror Glass Insert.
This is a brand new driver side glass insert replacement "HEATED". p/n 5745422
The MAX Pioneer Tool Kit.
The MAX is really a system that incorporates seven hand tools into one unit. It is based on a three and a half pound Hudson Bay style ax/sledge mounted on a 34" fiberglass handle. The complete tool menu includes an Ax/Sledge, a Mattock, a pick, a shovel, a broad pick, and a heavy-duty reversible rake and hoe. When not in use, they are kept in a sturdy carrying case that has strap handles and pack loops. The entire unit, including the ax, weighs 12 pounds.
Center Post Radio Mount.
Custom built center post radio mount. This will make a great addition to any H1 that needs a radio on board.
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