Silver Eagle MFG Trailers

On April 18, 2011, Silver Eagle Manufacturing, the global leader in military trailers, introduced a line of consumer off-road trailer under its new MilTrekä brand.  American Outfitters, Inc. is the authorized distributor for the trailer and trailer parts.  American Outfitters has developed a great line of off-road and camping accessories for the MilTrek.

MilTrek trailers are built using the same materials and construction methods as Silver Eagle’s rugged line of military trailers, but the MilTrek Line utilizes a narrow track to fit vehicles like the Jeepâ Wrangler.

Silver Eagle’s director of Marketing said…”We’ve built the MilTrek to withstand the same rigors Silver Eagle military trailers meet.” “MilTrek trailers are engineered for severe duty environments, and they’ll stand up to any terrain you encounter.  If your rig can get there, now your gear can get there, too.”

The MilTrek is a multi-functional, multi-purpose trailer that can carry any type of cargo, from camping equipment, to ATV’s, UTV’s, firewood, water tanks and generators.  Three configurations are available including the MilTrek C cargo trailer that supports a 46.5 cu. Ft. aluminum cargo box, the MilTrek F flat deck with its 64-inch x 90-inch aluminum deck and MilTrek U utility trailer that features a bare chasis that can easily be customized.

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