Civilian Systems

American Outfitters has been providing excellent, timely, and quality service, parts, accessories, and customization for a wide variety of civilian customers.  Since 1992 our main specialty has been the HUMMER H1, civilian owned HMMWVs, and civilian owned military vehicles and trailers.

However, due to our expertise, knowledge, and many years of experiences, customers with all types of vehicles and trailers, off-road and on-road, bring their prized possessions to American Outfitters.  They know they will be treated well and whatever the work performed will be done correctly, with high quality, and in a timely manner.  Our customers know and value that American Outfitters handles each vehicle and trailer as if it was their own prized possession.

______________HMMWV Restoration______________

With our full restorations since 1996,
we offer a complete line of parts from
AM General along with the quality service you
have been looking for. Please contact us for
further information on restoration and servicing.


The HMMWV pictured to the left is a fine example of what we do here at American Outfitters Inc. We can modify, customize or restore anything from an M998, to an M1165A1.


Down below are pictures of just one of many examples of restored HMMWV’s
Before picture is on the left. After picture is on the right

___HUMMER H1 Customization & Conversions___

Here at American Outfitters we offer a wide spectrum
of options for your Hummer H1. From full factory
restorations, to standing out of the crowd with
unique customization. Down below you will find
various pictures of just a few projects out of
countless numbers we have done.



Duramax Conversions___________________________



More work we have done can be viewed using the gallery link below:

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