About Us

Terry McClanahan opened the shop in 1996 as American HUMMER® Supply and Service, a sole proprietorship, in La Mesa, CA.  Lynn McClanahan joined Terry in the business in 2001.  Then in 2003 we incorporated creating our current name of American Outfitters, Inc.

American Outfitters, Inc. business specialty is in service, parts, accessories, and modifications for HUMMER®, HMMWV®, Jeep, Civilian, Military, and Government vehicles and trailers.  American Outfitters is a distributor for AM General civilian HUMMER® and military HMMWV® parts.

Terry’s experiences and knowledge are legendary in off-roading and information about almost every type of civilian and military vehicle and trailer.  From a very young age he’s been running the desert in a huge variety of vehicles he owned from motorbikes to tanks, track vehicles, Dodge Ambulances, Hudsons, Jeeps, 6×6 vehicles, and so many more.

Terry was an 18-wheeler owner-operator for 20 years hauling heavy, high, and wide permitted loads all over the 48 States and Canada.  He even hauled and drove the first prototype HMMWVs from AM General to the Yuma Proving Grounds for testing back in the 80’s.

In 1992 we purchased our 1992 Limited Edition # 1000 Four-Door Tan Hardtop HUMMER from AM General.  We spend eight days watching our HUMMER be built, drove it off the assembly line, and went on a 7,000-mile cross-country trip from the factory in Mishawaka, IN in our new HUMMER.  AM General tracked our progress on a map in their information centers for their employees.  It was an incredible and a once in a lifetime experience!

1993 to 1994 Terry sold HUMMERs at Marvin K. Brown in San Diego, CA as their Off-Road HUMMER Specialist.  From 1994 to 1996 Terry was the Off-Road Specialist for North American Off Road Adventures (NORA) in Poway, CA.  NORA had 14 HUMMERs and two M35A3 6×6 vehicles for business customers/teams to build teamwork and experiential training in the ultimate wilderness journey in HUMMERs in AZ, CA, and Mexico.

When NORA closed its doors in 1996 Terry started American.  We also purchased our 1996 Two-Door Extended Cab Tan HUMMER and our 1973 M35A3 6×6 from NORA.

Prior to joining Terry at American, Lynn had been a Health and Physical Education Teacher and Coach, a professional hunter and jumper horse trainer, an 18-wheeler owner-operator (Leased to same company as Terry but didn’t know each other back then.), and a technician for three years and a manager and area manager for 19 years at AT&T/Pacific Bell/SBC.

Along Lynn’s professional journey, she earned two Masters Degrees, in Education and Business Administration.  All of Lynn’s experiences and education have enabled her to efficiently manage and run the shop’s office and handle all the phone orders from customers all over the world.

Our new shop location, size, and functionality are opening new doors and opportunities for our business.  One of the newest opportunities is being a distributor for the Silver Eagle Manufacturing MilTrek civilian Jeep trailer, the trailer parts, and a variety of trailer accessories.

We outgrew our La Mesa, CA location and in October 2010 we moved to 11659 Riverside Drive # 171, Lakeside, CA 92040.  We are extremely pleased to be in this beautiful four-year-old business complex.  Here we have 10,000 sq ft, 24 parking spaces, our own loading dock, complex security gates, and complex mobile security guards.

Thank you for taking the time to learn ‘About Us’ and we look forward to providing you with the best service, parts, accessories, and customization for your HUMMER, HMMWV, Jeep, Civilian, Military, & Government vehicles and trailers.


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